Luna Sandals

by Editor
Wednesday, September 28, 2011

If you are a part of the barefoot running revolution or interested in joining up, have I got the sandals for you! Luna Sandals are a great way to protect your feet without taking away from the barefoot feel. All Luna sandals start with a Vibram sole, but options abound so you can choose the model and style that suits you best. You can even order a kit, cut them out, and lace them up yourself. I wear a size ten in most shoes and the Luna Sandals fit me perfectly. The elastic laces hold the sandals to your feet as tight as you want, but allow for some flex as your foot moves. They are extremely light and comfortable, easy to adjust and even work well in the water and rain without collecting mud or sliding around on your feet. Luna has developed a new plug system to ensure a completely flat bottom and a strong, thin ribbon between your toes for added comfort. If you want high quality, low maintenance minimalist footwear get a pair of Luna Sandals. View their full line of products and options at


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